SUP walks on the sea of Palermo

The stand up paddle in acronym SUP, means that you stand up on a board and move using a paddle in the water .

The SUP is a mix between surf and canoe From surf it takes the habit to glide on the water, standing on a board and ride the waves and from canoe it takes the paddle that is used to paddle standing up.

The success of SUP joins in the amusement skilled water sport people and beginners.

The tecnique of SUP is not particularly difficult to learn.We advise you, however, to follow a specific course to avoid many mistakes that can be made in the surf-training and they could ruin such sport.


The main dfference between a SUP board and a classic surfboard is surely the size ; in fact the SUP board can be twice or three times longer than a common wave surf board, that gives stability, but the real novelty is just the use of the paddle, that allows to sail in full security, (standing up).

This discipline increases so much as the market , that is behind this sport; each year factories , following the demand of very interested customers brought to the use of new and modern materials and tecnologies.

As to the use of carbon paddles and to make lighter boards and also to the use of inflatable boards , that can be easily moved and be suitable to all situations.

Some boards have also a hole to insert the sail and can be also used as light windsurf.

Nowadays this sport is very widespread and it has hundreds of of partticipants, because it is simple and suitable to everybody.

SUP is simple and amusing and it can be suitable to people of ebery age and body.

It improves the athletic performances and balance and also all muscles.

With SUP we can make cruising, adventure , fitness, races.

Cruising consists in sailing with our board and paddle on lakes or on the sea, that can become adventure, if you sail on unexplored rivers, iced lakes and also to enchanted places near some islands , that can be reached only with SUP board.

Fitness is the mixture of sport disciplines as yoga, pilates and fitness on the SUP board.

The races can be for amusement or professional, from the big log distance (also 70 km only for professionals) to the short sprint races turning around a buoy.


Love the nature with our excursions in Addaura, Mondello, Salinelle (Cefalù) , Stagnone of Marsala, Capaci (Palermo), San Vito Lo Capo, nature reserve of Zingaro.