Kite Surf Federal Trainer and Windsurf Federal Trainer school Class ’74

About Us

Tuna is a team made up of professionals from windsurfing, kitesurfing, sup, and wave surfing,
as well as the latest evolution of windsurfing, wing foil.
The courses are organized and managed by federal and certified instructors. The director of the
school and also instructor, Alessandro Alberti with a long competitive career, has tried to assist his
passion for water sports with what have been his results at a competitive level; thus offering each
pupil of the school his high competence and deep passion for the sea.
Based on the skills and the predisposition of the students and clearly also the wind direction, our
courses are organized in our locations located in: Tuna Beach Addaura, Salinelle, Cefalù and

Kite surf, Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle School
Kite Surf Federal Trainer and Windsurf Federal Trainer
Class ’74


kite salinelle

Meteo STATION OF Salinelle

Cam Live Clubino del mare Mondello

cam clubino mare mondello

Meteo station of Clubino del mare Mondello (PA)