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Surf is a very popular sport and from a short time it is also a olympic sport . you practice it with a board on the waves and in this case it is called wave surf . it is made going into the wave and curving inside it, trying to stay there as long as possible .
usually the boards are very small , and then there is also a type of long board used for wave surf with very long boards


In this article we will talk about surfing, and the courses we organize at Tuna Beach in collaboration with
some of the best Palermo surf instructors, with more than five years of experience in the best peaks of
Surfing is the only one among extreme water sports, which requires you to be immersed in the water,
roughly 80% of the time you spend surfing you spend it on your board, or puddling on it; for this reason it
is clear that a certain aquaticity favors every neofit of this sport.
Depending on the direction of the storms that pour on our coasts, one spot is preferred over another.
Leash, boards, wetsuites, everything you need is included in our beginner course packages. Intermediate

and advanced longboard surfing courses are also available, a wave surfing discipline that is practiced with
waves from 9 feet to rise, and which allows a softer and more relaxed surfing than shortboard, which is
closer to skate for more radical maneuvers.
Most of the long wave spots in Sicily are located in the south; but after a great storm, with a little luck, if
the following day something consistent remains and the wind does not lift, even in the spot of Isola delle
Femmine, in the capital of Palermo, we can surf really nice waves.
As far as ocean surf trips are concerned, we will be happy to organize those too! Come and visit us at Tuna
Beach, Addaura- Mondello or contact us through our web and social channels.
Stay in da water!

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