The stand up paddle is a sport derived form surf where you use a paddle standing on the board. This sport in the latest years has been very popular. The sup can be almost always: With flat water for very nice walks and it is very good for heart fitness and also with small and medium waves for very good surfing .

The sizes of the boards are according to the use that tuo need. Usually for long walks you use very easy bigger and larger boards. For races instead you use narrower but also very long boards; instead for surfing on the waves you use short board so that it is easier to turn on the waves.

This article wanna be an introductory note focused on the encounter of Sup with
Yoga illustrating the benefits of practicing Supyoga. The both disciplines that until
recently, it was not thought, could have little or nothing in common, in the resto f
the world, such as in Sri Lanka, Bali or Canary Islands, they have been practised since
long time ago. The typical setting of surf supping combined with some basic yoga
postures is what by the wording "SUPYOGA"means.
What Tuna beach tries to promote are Yoga and SUPYOGA Sup courses. Our school
organizes courses and exits from April to December giving the opportunity to take
part of teh courses and the Sup Trips; Courses are open to all interested people, and
simultaneously they offer the professionalism and competence of our certified
Do you feel tired, because the city stresses you and you would like to run away but
you don't have enough time? Come and visit us at Addaura, a stone's throw from
Mondello, at Tuna Beach, one of our spot, located in the Palermo area, on the
beautifull sea of Palermo, one teamer will welcome you to answer any of your
questions regarding the Sup lessons and SupYoga courses, and much more.
SUP is a great and beautiful experience for everyone, especially for those people
who have never tried any water sport. It is an easy way to become familiar with a
surfboard, which having larger dimensions is more stable than normal surfboards

intended for wave surfing. On the sup you will find your balance, and during our trip
organized ad hoc, right from your board you will "paddle" the wonderful coast of
Mondello bay and the coast of Addaura, onboard of your stund up puddle, floating
on a mirror crystal clear sea water.
All of taht is what awaits you in Tunafish Surf School, at our spot in Addaura
(Mondello) but also in Salinelle (Cefalù). In addition to all you can take part in one of
our free Sup Yoga trial lessons.
Let's see what it is more in detail: do you know the benefits of Yoga? Can you
imagine yourself practicing simple postures on the stand up puddle? It doesn't
matter if you have done Yoga or Sup in your life, what you will learn first, will be: the
search for your balance on the sup board, which is a board designed for beginners,
therefore very floating, and the basics for reproduce some simple yogic sequences
coordinated with pranayama, (the diaphragmatic breathing typical of yogis).
Let’s book your Sup lesson with TUNA FISH, through our channels or come to visit us
at one of our offices, at Addaura, 10 minute from the city of Palermo, or come and
visit us at Tuna beach spot in Salinelle, a few minutes from the prestigious location
of Cefalù. Enjoy your SUP TRIP, see you at TUNA BEACH!


Sup Yoga
windsurf mondello

Sup is such like a really great and beautifull experience for everybody, specially for people who have never not tryed any watersport in their life . Sup is an easy way for taking confidence with the board, in da water, finding out your ballance, descovering the sea cost line of mondello bay and addaura, indeed all of that is what you can experience here in our tunafish.supschool . after all in addiction you can join one of our lesson of sup yoga. do you know the benefit of the yoga, so can you image yourself doing some easy yoga pose on the stand up puddle? It doesn’t matter if you have never practised yoga, first what we gonna learn will be just some easy yoga position coordinated with the pranayama breathing; and yeah we weill do it on a big board into the blue and in a total
safe with our team member, sup and surf certificated istructor. so let’s gonna book your
lesson and enjoy the sup trip!

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