Windsurfing is a fun and exciting sport that combines the spectacular nature of wave surfing with the technique of sailing and the opportunity to experience contact with the sea from another perspective. The equipment with which we carry out our courses gives everyone the opportunity to practice this discipline regardless of the physical characteristics and training of the student, requiring no special strength.
This sport allows you to develop coordination and balance, while improving the physical fitness of all those who practice it.
The course allows the student to reach a fair knowledge of windsurfing and its use, to bring it to a level such as to master the main gaits in the traverse and in the slack, and the maneuvers, tack and jibe.
From a certain point of view windsurfing can be considered the maximum synthesis of the classically understood sailing boat even if, compared to this, the rudder and the rigid connection of the mast on the hull are absent. In addition, the peculiarity of windsurfing compared to most sailing boats, is that of sailing with the mast swept upwind, with the result that the sailing thrust tends to lift the whole boat-crew set from the water, contrary to what occurs on other boats.
However, with the traditional sailboard (long and displacement boards with movable drift), there are some limitations: the upwind angle that can be tightened is wider than that of a boat also the bearing speeds are unstable and can be used only for short stretches.
Our windsurf courses are all levels. Tuna fish surf school organizes windsurfing courses all year round in our 3 locations of Salinelle, Addaura, and Mondello.
The main instructor of our team Alessandro Alberti, known in the national and international competitive environment, will convey to you his passion for this sport in which his sporting excellence has developed most. Several times Italian champion, and international top ranking, coach Tuna will give you the right technical bases and the good attitude necessary to progress in this magnificent sport.
Come and visit us for more info about costs, timetable lessons and info courses; or if you prefer send us an email to our website. Stay Tuned!