Wing foil palermo Mondello

Wing Foil, which combines the navigation techniques of windsurfing, kitesurfing, hydrofoiling and stand up paddle.

Speed, freedom of action and a unique browsing experience.

With the Wing Foil it will seem like you are flying on the surface of the water! surely  for those who already practice Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and other water sports, it will really be child’s play.


a wing board, a sail (called a wing) and a foil.

Wing Foil sail: it is a wing that is held by the handles by the rider, unlike kitesurfing or windsurfing it is not anchored to the table
Wing Board: for the practice of Wing Foil the wing surf board is used, which represents the main element of all the equipment and which must be of the right size.
Foil: it could be said that the foil represents the element that makes this discipline so fascinating, allowing the rider to experience a navigation experience on the water!

Come and practice wing foiling in Mondello with Alessandro Alberti (in the photos) at the Mondello sea club the season is open for all enthusiasts and beginners.