It is a variation of surf and and an acronym of Stand up Paddle. This sport was born in Hawaii and in the latest years it increased very much all over the world, above all in America, but it is becoming very successful in Italy, too, bu tless in Sicily.

The participants use a padddle and a big steady board and can paddle in all types of waters from the open ocean to the sea, from the coastline to the inland on the dams, lakes, rivers and channels.

SUP is not surf or canoe or water skiing. It is a fusion of all, with its specialized equipment, ability and tecnique .

Its versatility, the need of small equipment, the fantastic benefist to be in good form, make it , nowadays, one of the most increasing sports al lover the world.


Tuna Fish gives the skill, the know-how and the picture to help you to develop your ability of stand up paddle, to follow a career as recreational activities instructor in the open air or sport trainer, or to become a professional canoeist.

Sup Palermo can help you to reach this aim!


Stand up paddle seems to be present from thousands of years. There are some proofs that old cultures of South America used motor boats with long sticks to journey, to fish and also in war .

Modern SUP is said to have its origin in the fist 40’ in Hawaii, where the sup instructors, standing on a board, used the sup paddle to have a better outlook of the surfers in water and waves and also to photograph their clients. It became unpopular when water-proof cameas, jet-skies, etc.arrived .

SUP as we know now came back in 2000 with its first competitions that took place in 2004. Since then it acquired an enormous popularity .


Leeward II

Leeward SUP is made with winds from 15 to 16 knots and it uses ocean and lake waves and wind to help you to push. For children distances are from Km 5 to Km 30.It should be made only by skilled canoeists.

SUP Surfing

SUP surf and use of the paddle to make curves and manoeuvres. Use smaller boards that are easier to handle.

Soup surf is an estreme performance of sport and it should be made only by very skilled canoeists.

White Water

Riding stand up paddle board in rapids.

Sup on the white waters is an estreme sport and it should be made only by skilled canoeists.

Sup Yoga

Yoga on a surf board with calm water is taught by qualified yoga teachers of 200 hours with ability of specialized sup yoga.

Fitness exercises . Fitnes Sup made on a sup board with calm water and given by personal qualified fitness instructors with specialized ability of fitness Sup.

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