Antoine Albeau with tuna foil Harness.

Antoine Albeau is a French windsurfer Who won 24 world windsurf Championships in different classes from 1994.

Born on 4 September 1972 in La Rochelle , France, Albeau estabilished a new world navigation speed record with wind motor on 5 March 2008, with 49,029 knots(90,91Km/h or 56,49 mph) on the speed channel Saintes Marie de la Mer, winning the previous record established by Finian Maynard with48,70 Knot speed in April 2005 in the same place. In November 2012 he reached a better record with 52,05 knots (96,34 km/h – 59,9 mph) on the Luderitz Channel in Namibia.